Our Mission



LionsRoar was established in September 2006. After over 17 years of training and mentor in other designs such as Escrima, Kickboxing and Free Design Kung Fu we chose it was time to lastly recognize our dream.

With one that might provide members the absolute best bits from several designs and disciplines whilst at the exact same time being available to all. LionsRoar sole objective was to establish a school that welcomed other designs strengths without being required to embrace their weak points.

LionsRoarhas the best regard for standard designs and their professionals. We just wish to offer our trainees the chance to explore a best possible range of designs from around the world.

In addition, LionsRoar wished to bring martial arts training approximately the 21st Century. We truthfully think that if the creators of several of these conventional systems lived today they would quickly adjust their designs to satisfy the modern-day risks along with using the most current training techniques and innovations.